EFCore BulkExtensions

Flagship Library for super fast CRUD Bulk operations on multiple DBs. Also developing several other .NET packages.


Advanced Web based Accounting Information System made with collaboration of experienced developers and accountants.


Created for Customer needs.
Our team have also worked on several financial products for Stock exchanges including MultiLateral Compensation (MLC)


BI Solution with tailor-made, fast and agile development. Dashboards and reports automatization. Client training and education.

About Us

OPTIMISE and enhance your company's procedures with our Software SOLUTIONS.
By gathering relevant data we can automate many proceses and give rich visual reports to organize better so you can focus on what matters to you.

Improve your Business with CODIS

Stay in the know, spot trends as they happen, and push your business further.


Full-Stack development from modeling to deployment.


Combining experience with critical and creative thinking we can help overcome most of your problems.


Using BI (Business Intelligence) to extract relevant info from your data and making understandable reports for management.


Creating custom made programs, procedures and services for various business entities.


All our solutions are online accesible 24/7 from any location with mobile friendly interface.

Tools we use

Latest technology enable us to bring our ideas into reality.
Making web based apps for solving different bussines and financial analysis problems.


    For every system first relevant data is collected and then model implemented accordingly. We have great experience in Financial & Accounting area but are always ready for new challenges.

  • C# a robus mature language, with new Core version of proven Framework backed by MS .NET Foundation but OS (Open Sourced) with large and ever growing community. Our OS EFCoreBulk lib. referenced by Microsoft.

  • State of the art framework with attractive interface and modern data visualizations that incorporates two-way binding. Being highly scalable makes it perfect for building large Enterprise apps.

  • Visual Studio is one of best IDEs on the market, especially for .NET based systems. For FrontEnd side both VS Code and WebStorm are used with all of its features.

  • Systems are constantly being upgraded and adapted to changes. Previous data from apps themselfs are analyzed to find patterns for better process automatisation.

  • To the mutual satisfaction we have close relationship with our partners, and clients who provide us feedback used for improvement.

  • One of our goals is to reduce carbon footprint for companies by eliminating paper documents and empowering them to use all benefits of fully digital world.

  • Simplifying complex problems by taking them apart into base components. Using IT for solving each issue, and integrating those solutions with services into Enterprise Software.